Who Am I?

Before you get all lost in my work, let’s break some ice; shall we?

My Journey So Far

HI, I’m Beena! A homemaker by profession and an artist by passion. Not to be modest, but I am a skilled self-learner, and I tend to give my best in anything I pursue. I’m an Indian by birth and heart; although being based in Singapore with my family since last 15 years.

I have been an artist since I can remember, and I discovered my passion for henna when I was a kid. I used to watch my friends and siblings get their hands designed with henna, and it made me want to learn it for myself. Though, I never saw it as a profession until my father-in-law encouraged me to see in that direction. That’s how my henna got acclaimed in the society; and since then, there was no looking back. Henna continues to remain my passion; rather than a full-fledged profession.

I am the most thankful to YouTube. It has truly given my passion a new dimension, giving me a new way to share my knowledge with other henna enthusiasts in the world. Seeing others with the same barrier as mine, succeed on YouTube gave me a much-needed boost to put forth my love for henna.

Since then, I have learned graphics and website design owing to my love for computers. It is through that, that I was able to walk ahead with the world; while trying my hand in pencil drawing like zen art, doodling tangle art as well as one stroke and simple acrylic painting.

I have always believed that one should keep learning and taking in everything one can get while they are in this world. There’s no scarcity of knowledge in this world! And trying out new things every day is what gives you a kick in life.